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The following is evidence of how world-wide the practice of Solution Focus has become!

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association:  The SFBTA was established on October 20, 2002, "To foster the exchange of ideas and practices in the field of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy."   The website includes information regarding the next scheduled North American conference as well as photos and articles for downloading  from the most recent one. 

Harry Korman:  Harry is a child psychiatrist living in Sweden, a SF trainer, and our friend and colleague.  Harry's wife, Jocelyn, is a social worker who also practices and teaches SFBT.

Wallace Gingerich:  Wally is a professor of social work at Case Western Reserve in Michigan.  The website contains information regarding SF outcome studies.

Brief Therapy Institute is Michael Durrant from Sydney, Australia.  The Brief Therapy Institute of Sydney is a therapy and training centre that offers a professional brief psychotherapy (counseling) service with ongoing quality control and accountability.

Kirstin Mahlberg and Maud Sjoblom's interest and expertise are in the application of solution-focus in education.  They state: "Solution-Focused Education is a very proactive way of working and thinking for educational professionals in order to promote and reinforce positive behaivor in the classroom."

Centre for Solutions Focus at Work (Mark McKergow and Jenny Clarke) provides solution- focused consultancy, training, coaching, keynote speeches, books and resources to leaders, managers, consultants and coaches on every continent. 

Denver Center for Solution-Focused Brief Therapy provides therapy for clients, training for professionals, and consultation for agencies.  They specialize in applying SFBT with the most challenging cases and in training professionals and agencies how to use SFBT effectively in community mental health centers, publicly funded substance abuse treatment agencies, child welfare, etc.

Enrique Puebla Rosales from Puenta Arenas, Chile  has created a solution-focused blog.  Currently it's in Spanish, but he promises to create an English version soon.  

BRIEF from the U.K.: Since 1989 BRIEF has been unique in that they teach and teach what we do. They are Europe's leading centerr for solution focused practice in therapy and counselling as well as in coaching, leadership, team building and conflict resolution. BRIEF is the leading edge of the development of practice and their training program is the most extensive in the world providing inspiration to front-line workers in health, education and social care as well as to senior executives in both public and private enterprise. BRIEF has delivered training in every corner of the UK as well as in over 20 countries across 4 continents. They have worked with drug and alcohol services in Greece, mining managers in Western Australia, Abu Dhabi health service workers, the staff of a school for children with hearing difficulties in Beirut and managers from 28 countries working for a global business and household name.

Alasdair Macdonald is a psychiatrist in the UK. He says of himself: "Teaching and training in solution-focused brief therapy has been my chief interest for 25 years.  I have taught in the USA, South Africa, China, Singapore and Australia as well as many countries in Europe.  I have special experience in the application of these ideas within the mental health setting and with offenders. I have over 40 peer-reviewed publications and numerous other published pieces." His website contains a wealth of information on SFBT research.

The following is not a solution focused link but I thought useful for therapists in private practice. It contains information on the business of therapy.

Therathink is Denny Chapin and James Schergen. Their focus is on helping therapists grow their private practices using easy to follow business strategies and tactics found across many fields. My interview with them can be found here




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