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2022 Training/Supervision/Consultation Options


Solution-Focused Supervision: (Details)

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Organization Consultations: (Details)

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The purpose of Solution Focused Supervision is to enhance your skills as a practitioner. Joel has been a solution-focused practitioner for 30 years and is highly respected as a solution-focused therapist, supervisor and trainer . Good SF supervision is very important especially with beginning practitioners who often struggle with staying solution focused. Supervision will enhance your skills and abilities as a solution builder. The hourly fee is $85.00 and can be paid on-line. If you are local, supervision, takes place at the Center for Solution Focus Training. Otherwise, arrangement can be made to meet via Joel's virtually. Contact Joel for further information or to make arragements. top


Arrangements can be made for me to travel to train organization staff or a group of interested clinicians at their locations, or virtually.

Options are:

* A one-day basic introduction to solution-focus. This covers the evolution of solution focus, co-contructive language, goal formation, assumptions, and the 7 solution focused tools. This is useful for organizations who are thinking about using solution focus but not ready yet to fully commit or just want to expose their staff to the model. This is not a training and is not meant to prepare clinicians to practice solution focus.

* A two & 1/2 days Foundations 1 training


* How to use pre-change questions
* How to use future oriented questions
* How to use the miracle question.
* How to use exception questions
* How to make numbers work using scaling questions.
* How to use coping questions
* How to develop compliments
* How to develop between session suggestions
* How to apply SF to your clients
* How to think like a solution builder

*A 2-Days Foundations 2 training for those who have had the Foundations 1 training or its equivalent and who are actively practicing SFBT. The training agenda will be designed by the participants depending on their stated needs and may include practice, case consultations, video examples with discussion.

Contact Joel for further information or to make arrangements for on-site or virtual trainings.

NOTE: Foreign trainings are also possible. Fulfillment of appropriate immigration requirements are the responsibility of the host country. Both domestic and foreign on-site trainings require a signed agreement. top


This is for organizations (agencies, businesses, etc.) that are interested in integrating solution focus principles into their management model. Solution focus has been helpful in these situation to increase staff morale, create greater sense of purpose and focus, create a greater sense of team work, and improved communication throughout the organization. The focus of organizational consultations is to enhance the strengths of the system and, simply put, figure out how to do more of what works. This includes all levels of the organization. The end result is a change of organizational culture from problem focus to solution focus. Fees and expenses are negotiated separately for each organization depending upon that organization's goals. Contact Joel for further information. top

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Want to know what other trainees said about training? Click here.

A training brochure is also available.


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